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Vision Statement

Excel as a supplier through on-time delivery, flawless workmanship, impeccable quality, and unparalleled service to secure our position with both existing and new industry customers.



Energy Steel & Supply Co. was founded in 1982. The first nine years were used to perfect servicing our customer base with raw materials. The Company’s priorities included expanding our knowledge of ASME Code and seeking additional opportunities beyond straight material supply. This coincided with impending industry changes resulting from the Energy Policy Act of 1991 and deregulation. It was determined that by expanding our capabilities through Certificates of Authorization we could provide additional value to our products, thus providing greater service to our customers. In December 2010, Graham Corporation purchased Energy Steel & Supply Co.

Today, Energy Steel joined forces with Hayward Tyler to expand our nuclear capabilities in the power market. Energy Steel maintains N, NPT, NS, NA, NR, U and R Stamps and Certificates of Authorizations, an accomplishment not easily achieved.