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Vision Statement


Excel as a supplier through on-time delivery, flawless workmanship, impeccable quality and unparalleled service to secure our position with both existing and new industry customers.



Energy Steel & Supply Co. was founded in 1982 by Michael Mitchell.  Mr. Mitchell’s background in commercial nuclear power plants and naval nuclear propulsion systems began in 1974, when during the period until 1982 he visited virtually every nuclear facility in the United States and Canada.  The purpose of these visits was to meet with engineers, plant managers and quality assurance engineers to better understand the need for total commitment and dedication to this highly regulated and scrutinized industry.


In the company’s infancy, the business model was based on brokering raw material (steel).  It was soon realized that by keeping an inventory of commonly required items, the company could better serve customers transitioning the model from material broker to material supplier.


In 1983, the company moved into a small office with very limited yet appropriate storage space providing greater quality control and allowing for expeditious delivery when required.  The company soon outgrew the space and subsequently moved to a larger office and warehouse facility and began refining the company’s distribution capabilities.


It was quickly concluded that investing in a custom warehouse would allow for greater inventory storage and processing.  In 1985, the building of a new facility began.


The following nine years were used to perfect servicing our customer base with raw materials. The company’s priorities at this time included expanding our knowledge of the ASME Code and seeking additional opportunities beyond straight material supply.  This coincided with impending industry changes resulting from the Energy Policy Act of 1991 and deregulation. It was determined that by expanding our capabilities though Certificates of Authorization we could provide additional value to our products, thus providing greater service to our customers.


During a critical transition period in 1996, the company quickly understood that there was an enormous need for nuclear qualified suppliers.  Many of the current suppliers were either leaving the industry altogether or had decided not to renew their nuclear accreditations.  The company had the foresight to recognize this as a larger opportunity.


By 1998 Energy Steel had fully evolved to a valued added supplier, having capabilities to weld to nuclear code requirements and supply machined products, providing greater customer service solutions than it had provided as a material supplier. During the following five years, the company expanded its abilities to include various types of hard facing, refurbishing heat exchangers, fabricating tanks, platforms, missile barriers and machining valve stems, pump shafts and gates to name a few.


In December 2010, Graham Corporation purchased Energy Steel.  The company has a state of the art facility in Lapeer, MI roughly 30 miles north of its previous location.  The new facility firmly places 40 tons of lifting capacity behind 3 decades of experience dedicated solely to the nuclear industry.


Today, the company proudly retains N, NPT, NA, NR, NS, U, and R Stamps and Certificates of Authorizations, an accomplishment not easily achieved.  In order to meet these rigorous requirements, Energy Steel upgraded its quality assurance manuals and demonstrated a complete project mock-up to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Unlike our competitors, Energy Steel only solicits commercial business with nuclear power plants and naval nuclear applications.  Our products meet the stringent quality requirements and regulations demanded by the nuclear industry.  Energy Steel’s sole mission is to provide our nuclear industry customers the absolute best in terms of quality products and services.