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Power and Experience

Energy Steel and Supply Co. was founded in 1982 with the single objective to provide the nuclear industry with the absolute best in terms of quality products and services.

Power and Experience

With over 3 decades of experience, Energy Steel and Supply Co. stands prepared for the emerging needs of the Nuclear industry with a track record of accreditations in every segment of the business and a proven ability to deliver for our customers.

Energy Steel & Supply Co.

Material Supply


Energy Steel has a complete warehouse of ASME/ASTM tested material that is ready for use and can be delivered quickly.



Energy Steel supports and builds OEM type parts no longer offered by the original manufacturer to keep your existing plant running.

Fabricated Products


Engineered-to-Order and Prototype equipment is our expertise. Energy Steel provides custom fabrication of any type of part or assembly.

New Construction


Energy Steel builds products, components or structures to support new construction of power plants.

Latest News

Latest News